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Bell Technical Service Center

Bell Technical Service Center is a professional provider of testing solutions and instruments. We have been providing testing solutions and instruments for research institutions, research institutes, and magnetic research institutes for a long time. The center is committed to providing users with reliable, complete, and applicable solutions, as well as high-performance testing instruments.

Bell Technology Service Center has close contact and cooperation with world-renowned magnetic testing product suppliers, and can provide customers with various testing solutions and products that can meet their needs. Long term partners include: Institute of Magnetism, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Modern Physics, Institute of Magnetism, etc.


The purpose of the Technical Service Center is to provide testing solutions and products that are safe, reliable, complete, and meet customer needs. Bell Technology has excellent quality, and its products not only have a high performance price ratio, but also have a comprehensive after-sales service guarantee. The main products include: Gauss/Tesla meters, Hall elements, Hall current sensors, standard magnets, etc.

Bell Technology mainly provides magnetic field detection instrument equipment, as well as instruments and technical services for magnetic field detection and testing in various fields of application. At the same time, we have experienced technical engineers who have been engaged in instrument work for many years, as well as the ability to introduce advanced foreign magnetic field testing equipment and technical service solutions.


贝尔科技的 主要产品包括高端磁场检测设备,电流 测试设备、霍尔元件和标准磁铁来自 F.W.BELL 美国;高精度磁场测试设备,包括 来自美国的沃克高斯计,来自美国的MEDA高斯计 美国,来自美国的磁高斯计和Group3高斯计 来自新西兰.

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