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F.W.BELL technology is mainly provided with the magnetic field testing instruments and equipment, as well as providing a variety of different fields of application of the magnetic field testing equipment and solutions.

Aicso Bell has many years of experience in domestic and foreign instruments and meters of engineers, as well as the introduction of foreign advanced magnetic field test equipment, technical services, and other solutions.

Aicso BELL technology mainly high-end products are the United States FWBELL field test equipment, current test equipment, the Hall element, the standard magnets, etc.; New Zealand Group3 high-precision magnetic field test equipment.
We are also agents of the Japanese machine industry in the East viscometer and related equipment and high-voltage power supplies SPELLMAN. East Machine Industry in Japan viscometer design, production and sales of Pioneer, there are many different tests for materials and the use of the environment viscometer models, products with excellent quality. SPELLMAN high-pressure high-voltage power electronics company has been successfully used in medical, industrial, scientific research fields, which are the main module power, rack-mounted power supply, X-ray generator, Monoblock X-ray and customized products, voltage from 250V to 500KV, power from less than 1W to 200KW, products with high power density, compact rate, and digital control.

American Technology Corporation F. W. BELL
U.S. F.W.BELL is the world's most famous Gauss / Tesla meter, field test equipment and related components of the professional manufacturers, with 60 years of field test equipment development and production experience, is a recognized field test equipment leader. F.W.BELL company's products have excellent quality, the company strictly implement ISO9001 and other production standards, production of the ten kinds of products not only has high performance and low cost, and a perfect after-sales service guarantee. The main products are: Gauss / Tesla meter, Hall element, Hall current sensors, standard magnets and so on.
    F.W.BELL Series Gauss Meter / Tesla meter is the latest design of the magnetic field the world's leading test equipment. Dynamic compensation technology-specific probe to ensure the basic accuracy of its range, built-in software eliminates the complexity of the calibration process. F.W.BELL Series Gauss Meter / Tesla meter application from the most sensitive laboratory environment to the most harsh industrial environment of the scene. F.W.BELL Gauss Meter by ISO9001 standards, all components through the CE certification.

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